The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast

5 Abundance Mindset Blocks (And How to Unblock Them)

January 27, 2022 Julie Greenham Episode 87
The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast
5 Abundance Mindset Blocks (And How to Unblock Them)
Show Notes

“We cannot have MORE if we’re stuck on our limitations.”

—  Julie Greenham

How do we accept and welcome having more in our lives? More clients, more money, and more freedom?

It all comes down to mindset.

This episode of The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast is about the five abundance mindset blocks that I see most often when I am working with my coaching clients… and have actually experienced myself.

These mindset blocks can make it challenging for us to actually RECEIVE the good things in life — the success, wealth, and joy — that we’ve been working toward and truly deserve.

This year, I want you to develop a mindset that works FOR you, rather than against you.

From neutralizing your intrusive, negative beliefs to fighting back against your imposter syndrome, this episode will help you heal the mindset blocks that stand between you and your dream life!

Let’s get started!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • The difference between a fixed mindset & a growth mindset — and why it matters so much in all facets of life
  • How to become a neutral observer of your thoughts and feelings, instead of letting that little voice drag you down
  • Visualization tricks that will help boost your confidence in any situation


Highlights:‌ ‌


00:46  Intro

01:47  Don’t get stuck in a fixed mindset

04:25  That voice in your head

06:24  Imposter syndrome

07:34  Benefits of visualization

08:12  Let go of your comfort zone

10:38  We don’t have to be lone wolves

12:12  Recap

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