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How To Change Your Mindset

January 13, 2022 Julie Greenham Episode 85
The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast
How To Change Your Mindset
Show Notes

“Mindset is the killer of all the dreams.”

—  Julie Greenham

The #1 question that I hear from my coaching clients is: “How do you start to believe that you’re worthy of more success, more good things, more joy, more clients, more money, and more freedom?”

Often, in order to really travel the path to prosperity, you have to first undergo a significant internal shift and change some of your deep-seated beliefs about money, power, and your own capability. 

Mindset is a topic that has really come into vogue lately, and for a good reason — even if ALL other pieces are in place, your mindset can still hold you back from taking risks, accepting opportunities, and embracing success.

In this episode, I share four things that you can do right now to help you shift your attitude, beliefs, and mindset… and learn how to welcome, achieve, and even expect your own success!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • How being open to new perspectives will help you take advantage of new opportunities to learn 
  • The #1 red flag that I look out for when taking on new clients (and why this trait inhibits their ability to grow)
  • How to reframe the issues we face in our businesses in order to better solve them


Highlights:‌ ‌


00:47  Intro

01:38  What is mindset? ‌

02:22  How to change your results

03:15  Open up to new perspectives

05:48  Challenges, not problems

07:31  Persistence is a virtue

08:08  Direction & gratitude

09:37  The Law of Attraction & hormones

11:00  Small steps lead to big changes

12:56  Recap

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