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The Power Of Writing for Introverted Entrepreneurs

December 16, 2021 Julie Greenham / Renee Harrison Episode 81
The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast
The Power Of Writing for Introverted Entrepreneurs
Show Notes

“All you need to be is one small step ahead of the person who’s going through what you just came out of successfully… you know what they’re going through and they can learn from you.”

—Renee Harrison

Do you ever dream about becoming a published author — but aren’t sure that you have a book in you?

Then I’d love to introduce you to Renee Harrison, founder of Introvert Rising!

Renee helps introverted women entrepreneurs tap into their story and get it onto the page through expert coaching, online courses, a supportive community, and insightful critiques throughout the process.

Publishing a book is a powerful way to build credibility and raise your profile, but it will also help you connect more strongly with your message.

“The act of writing — especially writing in a book — you’re forced to go deep and you’re forced to come up with that clarity of why you do what you do,” Renee explains. “When you have that clarity on your brand message, it creates confidence.”

Renee and I discuss how to lean into your introversion and build a business on your own terms, how publishing a book will enhance your brand, and why introverts are some of the best storytellers!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:

  • Powerful ways to grow your business within your comfort zone (and without video)
  • The most valuable superpowers that introverts bring to the world — and why Renee has made it her mission to amplify our voices
  • Why absolutely everyone has a valuable message to share... even if they don’t FEEL like an expert yet

About Renee Harrison: Renee Harrison is the founder of Introvert Rising and is on a mission to elevate and empower purpose-driven female entrepreneurs by guiding them step-by-step on how to first become a published author.


01:10   ‌Meet Renee Harrison 

02:45  The road to Introvert Rising

07:25  Discovering introversion

09:33  Introversion, society & culture

11:05  Introversion in business

12:16  Relationship marketing, Clubhouse & podcasts

15:09  Renee’s purpose & ‘why’

16:11  Why the world needs introverts

17:10  Working with Renee & benefits of authorship

19:24  The Unmuted Project

22:42  Introversion & storytelling

25:52  Why a book?

29:59  The lightning round


Renee Harrison

Instagram: @introvert_rising


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