The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast

Strengthening Our Communication And Boundaries For Success

November 25, 2021 Julie Greenham / Michele Young Episode 78
The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast
Strengthening Our Communication And Boundaries For Success
Show Notes

“I think that long before I became a coach as a career, that’s the role that I played all my life.”

—Michele Young

If you have trouble saying “no” in your business — or personal life — you’ll want to take some notes during this week’s episode!

Michele Young is a certified coach-practitioner who helps business owners uplevel their communication skills and learn how to build stronger business relationships.

It’s a career that fits her like a glove.

Michele has always been an emotional caretaker, offering support and advice to friends and family. Her early jobs included executive assistant and copy editor, both supportive roles.

Michele is so amazing at what she does because her work is in alignment with her zone of genius.

Michele believes that work doesn’t have to be a slog or unhappy, as long as we aren’t trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The key is understanding your strengths and passions — even if it can be difficult to recognize them ourselves.

“We are authentic beings. We’re born authentic beings, and we only change through societal pressures or family pressures or judgment from other people,” Michele explains. “It’s enlightened upon us what our zone of genius is, and we just need to cultivate it. And people see in us a genius that we don’t see… I think if we just ‘be,’ answers come to us.”

This episode is all about recognizing your calling — and then navigating its challenges with grace and diplomacy!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • What can happen to your business when you’re unable to set boundaries as an introvert 
  • Why agreements and contracts are actually the respectful way to conduct business 
  • How to develop the skills of diplomacy and tact that are so crucial in the workplace (for both leaders and team members)

About Michele Young: Michele Young is a certified coach-practitioner who specializes in helping entrepreneurs master their communication and business relationship skills.


00:01  Intro

01:41  Meet Michele Young

03:02  No more “guys"

05:05  About Michelle & her leap

07:19  Spotting the signs

08:45  ‌Just ‘be’

09:52  Musical daughter story

10:38  Natural talents

11:51  Establish & hold your boundaries ‌

14:54  Learning diplomacy & tact

17:54  ”Let me think about that”

18:50  Contracts & agreements

20:05  How to start setting boundaries

23:20  The key ingredient

25:18  Benefits of nurturing relationships

27:18  How to stay connected

29:21  Takeaway

31:31  Accommodations & choice

32:05  Lightning Round questions


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