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Tapping Into Your Best Introvert Skills

November 18, 2021 Julie Greenham / Karin Welsh Episode 77
The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast
Tapping Into Your Best Introvert Skills
Show Notes

“Even 33 years later, I do every once in a while have to think of putting my superhero cape on and mentally making that stance when I have a difficult day ahead of me,  and just empower myself.”

—  Karin Welsh

Some occupations are tailor made for introverts. Others can be a little more of a challenge.

Karin Welsh is a real estate broker and a hardcore introvert — two things that form an unexpected pairing!

The real estate industry is not a place where you would expect introverts to thrive, and it’s true that many aspects of the job of real estate agent do favour extroverted people. Yet Karin has managed to become very successful... and has discovered that being an introvert has actually provided her with strengths that are ideally suited to her work.

Karin discovered a love for real estate when she was a child, observing her realtor father selling houses and her stay-at-home mother creating a cozy and inviting home. At 26, she entered the field herself.

Full disclosure: Karin actually helped me purchase (and sell) a beautiful home in Uxbridge, Ontario. 

Press play to learn what Karin loves most about her work, what success means to her, and the best lesson she has learned over her 33-year real estate career.

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • The introvert superpower that helps Karin excel in the real estate industry 
  • The biggest challenges Karin is currently facing in today’s housing market — and why she is angry at the government
  • How Karin manages relating to clients going through (often painful) life transitions as an introvert and empath

About Karin Welsh: Karin Welsh is a real estate broker for the Remax All-Stars in Uxbridge, Ontario and co-founded Welsh & Co with her daughter, Lindsey. She has helped her clients buy and sell properties for over three decades, specializing in the York and Durham Region. She pairs a personal and professional approach with an informed perspective on the local markets.


00:01  Intro & listener review

02:28  Meet Karin Welsh

04:01  What attracted her to real estate

04:42  Karin’s introvert superpower

05:39  Julie’s real estate story

06:45  What Karin loves about real estate

08:02  Julie’s moving story

08:52  Biggest housing challenges

10:35  Empathizing with client life changes 

13:38  Best part of being a broker

15:20  Do what you want to do now

16:28  Best lesson Karin has learned

18:13  Working with her daughter

21:01  Takeaway #1

22:45  Takeaway #2

23:37  Lightning Round questions


Karin Welsh


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